I have been using the Mega Way shakes and HD Optimal Nutrition liquid vitamins regularly and they have changed my life.  For me, what really makes these shakes stand out is that each batch is custom-mixed according to your body type, blood type and needs.  Definitely not your cookie-cutter protein shake, one size fits all.  Not only are the shakes extremely tasty, the shakes have an amazing consistency and are easily mixable with juice, fruit, or just plain water.  The shakes also help curve my cravings, while my energy is through the roof‼  I have had stomach issues for the last 10 years and after drinking the shakes, I haven’t had an ulcer flare-up at all.  Brigitte is an amazing healer and is someone who truly cares about her clients’ health and well being.


Ursula Deljanin -Writer/Para Legal-New York City