Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and inspire everyone to achieve great health, high energy and overall well-being, one person, and one step at a time. Through our collective life experiences, persevering day by day to improve our health and reach a state of mental and physical wellness, we have found The MEGA Way to be a unique collection of information and knowledge. It has led us to incorporate The MEGA Way Organic Protein Power Meals, a complete organic protein meal replacement that is complemented by Health Direct USA’s Nature's Optimal Nutrition Liquid Vitamins, including our MEGA Way lifestyle books and E-Books, combined with our organic holistic, nutritional programs and informational materials as The Mega Way Lifestyle.


MEGA Way Organic Protein Power Meals, the centerpiece of our program, have been carefully formulated to assist in balancing, energizing and fortifying your body so it will be easier for you to stay on a straight trajectory to great health. Our program enables you to easily lead yourself to wellness, with your new-found energy and balance reinforcing your desire and dedication to follow The MEGA Way. All of us at The MEGA Way are devoted to the highest standards of quality, which are present in everything from the 100% Certified Organic ingredients that go into our complete power meal replacements, to the specially designed holistic recipes we create for each individual. We know from personal experience that 30 days on The MEGA Way Organic Protein Power Meals, with Nature’s Optimal Nutrition Liquid Vitamins and The MEGA Way holistic nutritional program will change your life for a healthier more vibrant one!