Our Story

Brigitte M. Britton, H.N. became deathly ill from years of hard work, burnt out from living in the fast lane, suffering from working long hours, bad eating habits and very little sleep. She endured three years of excruciating pain, 11 surgeries, a weak immune system, massive weight loss, and learned first-hand the value and importance of good health. Britton tried many diets including; The Beverly Hills Diet (fruits mostly), The Atkins Diet (proteins and fats), The Scarsdale Diet (carbohydrates) and many more. She ultimately found that they were full of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, very little if any nutritional value and did not digest well. They were simply a quick fix instead of the long term health benefits she was looking for. Then she read “Fit For Life”, a wonderful book based on food combining and eating organic and “Diet For A New America”, and these books changed her life.


So, in 1978 she began her quest into integrative nutrition and holistic health starting with macrobiotic cooking, an alternative eating lifestyle. Britton then apprenticed with Dr Lu, an eastern medicine doctor where she learned the benefits of herbs, and roots, including eating live/organic foods. While apprenticing with Dr. Lu she learned to become a Holistic Nutritionist and Organic Chef. Britton then went on to work in an anti-aging medical clinic in Palm Beach, Florida with over 300 hands on successful case studies. In 1995 Britton founded “The MEGA Way”. Her first success was “No Guilt Gourmet”, a series of holistic gourmet recipes and pre-prepared meals with over 500 clients joining her program in the first year. She soon expanded with holistic cooking workshops all over the country.


Through observation and experience working with many clients from all walks of life, she understood early on how difficult it is for most people to stay on track. She realized that her clients needed to start their day with a meal that would totally balance the ten body systems including the emotional and mental body systems and a realistic nutrition plan to help them stay on track permanently. Britton created and formulated a revolutionary, organic customized high protein, high fiber, power meal replacement and sold for $450 a month per customer that would assist in slowing down and eventually possibly eliminate many of the health issues her clients were going through. She also wanted to ensure that it would be effortless for her clients to make it part of their busy lifestyles and it worked miracles, although unfortunately it was too costly for most other people. This is when Britton met Jim Caras, CEO of Health Direct USA in 2005 and they joined forces by combining MEGA Way Shakes with HD Nature’s Optimal Nutrition Liquid Vitamins which were offered to Britton’s custom shake clients before she met Jim! The combination was and is a great success and they will continue this venture together, launching in Natural and Gourmet markets across the country and abroad with The MEGA Way Shakes that is now affordable for everyone!


Britton met Adam Schmidt, the herb and PH expert, Mega Way Team member and partner in 2006 when they jointly produced an eco based interactive cooking workshop in Los Angeles, California. Realizing how much in common they had in regards to health and holistic protocols, they are still working together to spread the word on the value of great health achieved through proper nutrition.


Britton met Charlotte Barron, CFO of The MEGA Way LLC in 1995, who at the time owned several restaurants in South Beach, Florida. Britton needed an industrial kitchen work space to create and prepare organic meals for her No Guilt Gourmet client base and for special events she produced. Brigitte and Charlotte started partnering and have been working together for over 17 years.


Britton met Lois Benson in 2007. They were introduced when Lois was at a point in her life where she wanted to get healthier and also help her mom get healthy so they partnered and set up The Lois Benson Foundation, a non-profit organization developed for special event production to benefit a greener planet and children’s alternative education programs. Lois is a partner and the Video and Photo Shoot Stylist for The MEGA Way E-Books, Website and any upcoming TV shows that executive producer Peter Anthony Andrews, The Mega Way New Business Development Consultant may present us with!


The one thing all the above team members have in common is that they all started on The Mega Way Organic Protein Power Meals and it changed their health status for the greater! It has helped many lose fat/weight, lower symptoms of IBS, Crone’s Disease, Lupus, chronic fatigue, chronic depression, hormone imbalance, Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is designed to be a complete Organic Meal Replacement. By combining over 12 nutritional ingredients with Organic Valley's Organic Whey Concentrate complemented with Health Direct USA’s Liquid Vitamins. This great tasting Mega Organic Power Meal has grown to be a huge hit nationwide. Almost every single person who starts drinking it say that they can feel it the working immediately. Britton says that is so important because when people feel results fast they actually look forward to starting their day with Mega Way Organic Power Meals. In the following pages you can see the ingredients and their benefits that assist in balancing the following ten (10) Body Systems. The Digestive, Intestinal, Circulatory, Respiratory, Urinary, Glandular, Nervous, Structural, Immune and Emotional/Mental Systems.