The Mega Way

The Mega Way is a Holistic Nutritional Lifestyle program. It addresses the person as a whole, Mind, Body and Spirit to achieve overall balance. It is a combination of several different eating modalities, one being “Fit For Life” which is primarily based on eating organic live, whole foods, food combining for better digestion and use of existing enzymes in the body. Also, The Zig Zag body builder, pre-competition style eating method which cycles fats, carbohydrates and calories to shred excess body fat mildly if needed by confusing the body with high fat high calorie, low carbohydrate days then switching to low fat, low calorie high carbohydrate days. This eating method does not allow the body to stagnate nor hold on to excess fat, instead because it is high in protein, it supports lean muscle mass, a faster metabolism, and a leaner, healthier and stronger body.


The MEGA Way custom menus and recipes are created based on the individual Body Type and Blood Type so that you eat organic foods that you are not allergic to (Blood Type Recipes) and that support a faster, healthier metabolism (Body Type Recipes). The Mega Way Holistic Nutritional Lifestyle program is supported with The Mega Way Organic Protein Power Meal Replacement that assists the whole body (all ten body systems) by quickly achieving balance therefore eliminating the craving of empty carbohydrates like refined sugars and white foods i.e; potatoes, pasta and breads. It also alkalizes the body, is very high in Omega 3 fatty acids, pre-biotics, protein, fiber, antioxidants and green superfoods. Combined with being present with one’s self in each moment, adding daily deep breathing and visualizing while exercising at least three times a week you can reach a great state of balance and joyous consciousness.